Herman Miller

Direct Mail / Understanding direct mail functionally and conceptually while complementing the already existing logo.

While researching the company Herman Miller, I discovered their passion for environmentally friendly products and services. In 1995 Herman Miller opened a greenhouse, an environmentally friendly office facility in Holland, Michigan. Employees weren’t the only ones to move in, large paper wasps decided to make the exterior of the building their home too. Herman Miller could have easily reached for pesticides but they invited in bees, 600,000 of them housed in 12 beehives on the greenhouse grounds. Before long, the bees persuaded the wasps to move elsewhere. The bees helped cross-polinate the surrounding fields giving the landscape beautiful wildflowers and honey. So, Herman Miller bottled all the honey as gifts for their guests. After my reading about their love of the earth and others, I knew this is what my focus through design should embrace.

Throughout my design I incorporated a beehive illustration to help mimic their remarkable story. I used brown envelopes to enhance the look of their eco-friendly ways.